Confident in my own skin!

I recently switched to the Skin Lab Luminew range and will never turn back! The products leave my skin feeling and looking great! I am absolutely in love with the serum. These products have increased my confidentiality as I am so comfortable with the way my skin looks. For the first time in my life I feel completely comfortable to leave my house without applying any make up.

At the age of 42, I feel truly comfortable and confident in my own skin!

A. Daws

Ekt pas weer vir my n Green Peel gedoen. My vel lyk en voel sò goed – SkinLab se produkte is regtig die beste!

~ Customer Feedback

The Vit C glow oil is amazing – very nourishing

~ Customer Feedback

I can’t live without the Skin Repair Gel 

~ Customer Feedback

New favourite skincare product

Skin Lab’s Beauty Balm is my new favourite skincare product! I am not a foundation fan, but have not been able to find a tinted moisturiser or anything else that ‘works’ for me. I would obviously prefer not to put any coverage on, but pregnancy in 2017 left me with very noticeable pigmentation around my cheekbones and mouth. This product feels so light and fresh, while providing adequate coverage and added sun protection. It also lasts sufficiently and does not give me that ‘my face is melting off’ feeling while walking around in a mask in this summer heat 

C. Clarke

My skin has never felt this healthy

I had mayor skin barrier damage…I received my Skin lab products 2 weeks ago and within one week I could see a definite change in my skin, and now I want to say, my skin has never felt this healthy, and never looked this great! I am in love with this range. 

R. Van Rensburg